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Multi-functional computer mount, for Tiger aero stem. Made by extruded and CNC machined aluminium.
Lightweight and aerodynamic. It holds your Garmin and Polar GPS computer in two different positions. You can also hang a MOST headlight “Lighthouse” or “The light”. The special bracket is made to host also Action Cameras (Virb, GoPro, Shimano Sport Cam, Bandit).


Material: Al6061 extruded CNC machined Color: Black anodyzed
Weight: 32g (alloy arm + plastic GPS hanger) Accessories included: Garmin hanger, Polar hanger, the Bracket
Centre distance: 27mm (MOST Tiger aero family speci c)
GPS adjustable position: 10mm

All products are available on sales. For more information please contact your local Pinarello/MOST dealer.
Find your local dealer at following link: