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This is our cockpit for BOLIDE HR, the Pinarello bike of the Wiggins’ Hour Record.

The special integrated handlebar is made of 1k carbon that increases stiffness.

Thanks to all accessories, it is possible to adjust the riding position to improve aerodynamics.

The integrated full carbon base bar is available in 410mm width (External to External) with a 100mm or 120mm stem length.

Bolide HR cockpit is fully adjustable: you can change width and height extensions/pads positions.

The maximum length of extensions is about 300mm and it is possible to shorten them according to the rider needs. Different extension angles are available: 23°/45°/60°/75°.

We have developed a special end plug for extensions with cutting angle of 23°/45°/60°. This solution improves aerodynamics.

It is available a special pad holder to move them up to 85 mm further.

Thanks to 5mm or 10mm spacers, it is possible to adjust the height of the extensions up to a maximum height of 40 mm and pads up to a maximum height of 15 mm.

All products are available on sales. For more information please contact your local Pinarello/MOST dealer.
Find your local dealer at following link: